Marketing a small business

What if I can not sell my product

Your plan looked super good on paper but it is not working in real what is the problem?

  • Harsh words but the truth. Take a deep breath and sit yourself down with a pen and paper and start thinking. Very important: do not brainstorm with yourself..if you don’t know the answer, your alter ego won’t either. Here’s what you do:1. Pretend you are the customer and answer this question honestly: would you buy this product ?
  • If the answer is NO..then write down why not.
  • If the answer is YES then you have to take a good look at
    * the packaging
    * the look and feel
    * your competition
    * What makes your product unique
    * Does the client understand the concept
    *Where do you sell
    * Who sells in on your behalf?
    * Is the people selling your product competent and do they know enough about your product?
    *Are you following your marketing plan?
    The AH Ha moment will only come with lots of effort and research.Don’t give is everywhere. Remember working implies 8 hours a day and if you are working for yourself add a few extra hours.
  • Be out there:
    * place your visite cards everywhere
    * use every social media tool. But be different to your competition.
    * Again, work with your unique selling point and focus on after sales.
    * Follow up on your clients.
    * Attend meetings where you could meet people who could be valuable to your business.
    * BE ASSERTIVE..if you do not believe in your product..why should a client?
  • Be the CEO of your business
    Do not keep yourself so busy with the daily chores that you do not have  enough time to do the CEO work.
  • Enjoy!!
    Your business is probably something you dreamt about for years..remember it takes 3 years only 1000 days. Do not give uprustic charm






I am going to try this myself and will repot back in a month. Maybe I could then afford to have  breakfast on the lovely balcony of 29 Rue l’Epic, Montmartre.