#Small Business etiquette


What is that? In a modern society where anything goes…is it still necessary to take care of the way you conduct your business? If you don’t care then just save yourself the effort and close up shop. These are harsh words but the truth.

Some pointers on good business etiquette:

  • Do not bring your personal problems into your workspace
  • Remember that aftersales service is more important than anything else. A satisfied customer will spread the word!
  • Listen carefully to your client’s needs and make sure you clearly understand their needs
  • Be on time..if not let the customer know that you will arrive shortly.
  • Your customer pays your salary
  • Make sure your staff has the correct attitude and is well informed.
  • Do not make promises you cannot keep.
  • Your packaging should be awesome and not hush-hush
  • Follow up with a email or sms to make sure the customer is satisfied.

Happy days will be ahead if you consider your business as one which you yourself respects and adore.

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