Viva la France!

Been to France during the lovely month of June and was blessed with the best weather..

Every day was more brilliant than the next day. We walked on the promenade des Anglais, Nice and roamed the narrow alleys of the vieux ville. Ate the best cuisine of all …french baguette, cheese and jambon. The different flavours ice cream are to die for. Luckily we didn’t jump on a bus to go places, we just walked miles and miles. Thus, no extra kilo’s.

The highlight was the boat excursion from Nice to St Tropez. What a beautiful village. We bought lovely clothes as one can clearly see that style is the keyword in this quaint village.

The Village of St Tropez takes your breath away! As you walk around the corner  all of a sudden the
small port is in full view with all the
Luxury yachts and lovely side-
walk cafes.

We wandered around trying to find the beautiful old church that we saw as our boat docked. The vieux ville is an absolute treassure and before we knew, it was time to take the boat back to Nice. The 90 minutes by boat gives so many beautiful views of Cannes, the island of St Marguerite and Antibes.Taking the bus from Nice to Monte Carlo was our next excursion. What a beautiful drive. The coast line  of the Cote d’Azur must be one of the most spectacular in Europe. In Monaco we felt a little lost as we didn’t really know what to do there except to visit the famous Casino. There we where not allowed to enter.. because of our shoes?!

Next time I will tell more about Avignon and the beautiful Provence villages.