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Small Business- How to grow your business

Tired of where your business is right now?
You need a fresh start

 Think..Think and think again…like the statue in the garden of the Rodin museum, Paris. Sit yourself down and brainstorm about your business.Where it is now and to what level you would like to take it. I am sure the designers of the Eiffel Tower never thought that their design would be one of the most visited places in France or for that matter the world. ‘It is a global cultural icon and one of the most recognizable structures  in the world’ according to Wikipedia (by the way donate to Wikipedia ) they do good work!

Now it is your turn to be famous with that small business of yours.. what ever it is.

How and what to do:


Write it down. Write from the heart what you love and hate about your business.

Close your eyes and think carefully why you chose this spesific career..why you wanted to be an entrepeneur. Write it down. Be honest and if you are like me, the answers would be that you want to be your own boss, have your own business and earn a good income. But this is not enough.. this is only a dream. The hard part is to grow it and be nice to your original idea.You can’t change all the time as that is only money down the drain and if this business is not going to succeed the others won’t either. 

Grow your business is next level thinking. Think out of the box. Go to a coffee shop and think. Think on the train, in the car or while standing on your head in a yoga pose .
Lets take the guest cottage example. By now you all know that I am the proud owner of a beach cottage  The White Cottage (to be viewed on wheretostay SA)My cottage is fairly popular but not nearly where it could be. 
I started watching series on Netflix such as Stayhere and learning while watching the show. Making notes and trying to visualize that they are actually talking about my cottage. What did I learn from these programs on the tele was :

1. Research: the statistics regarding the tourism in your area. What is the average price per person, the average profile of your potential customer, how many guest cottages like yours or what does your competition looks like.
Research their average nights booked.
Research their amenities and compare to yours.

2. Experiences: What experiences are their in you area. Fun things to do for your guests. For example: if you guests are mainly families with children, list the experiences in you area that would interest them. Do it in an awesome way not just in a file stuffed in a corner cupboard. Watch  Stayhere on Netflix.
3. Photographs: hire a professional photographer and put those cool images on every social media platform. Become an influencer! Keep adding photographs but not taken with your mobile. Professional ones.
That is numero uno on my very own to do list.
4. Hire a social media pro to put your business out there even if it just for a few months.

Well I have some work to do..see you soon!