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Small business after sales service

After sales service

Probably the most important part of your business.

No matter what you sell, make or do the after sales service is as important as the marketing.

Lets call it THE FOLLOW UP…if you do just that your business will be just fine. By this process you will not only learn from your clients what they think about your product but you will also learn how to improve/add or change. You will soon learn to differentiate between real complaints and compliments or fake ones. Either way, research both.


How to do after sales service

  1. Carefully compile a client list on a spreadsheet. Take care to have telephone numbers, items bought or service rendered etc.etc.
  2. Firstly follow up with your invoice if the sale was not cash on delivery. Give it two weeks and then if are not paid yet..don’t let it go.
  3. Write a note to thank your client for his/her sale or support.
  4. If they stayed at your guest house follow up with a thank you note.
  5. At the guesthouse or business have a form ready where clients could react immediately by leaving a comment about the service
  6. Remember to a point, the client should feel that they are always right (even if the aren’t). You should listen carefully, make notes and never react on the spur of the moment. Take a deep breath, keep calm and tell the client that you will look into the matter. DO REPORT BACK!!
  7. Send all clients an update on your product and new products available.
  8. Have a discount ready for good customers.
  9. Surprise customers with a small gift when the seem to be happy.
  10. Never let bad customers know that they have upset you. If you have a guesthouse just make sure that they know in feature what you do or do not allow at your guesthouse.
    In Cape Town we are not know for the best service but everybody comes back..often!!