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Small businesses and etiquette

Small business etiquette

To many small businesses in the tourism section fail because of the lack of style.

The White Cottage

In my previous blog post I spoke about the how’s and what’s of having your own small business. I used a guest cottage as an example. This is mine. It is situated in a small seaside village of Hartenbos. The unique selling point is the view.


You could have the most beautiful cottage and superb view but if it lacks style and etiquette you are simply wasting your time. Guests do not tolerate bad service. What to do..What to do? Uhmm let me think!

Oops! forgot to ask..Are you sure your cottage/flat/room is equipped with the right kind of hospitality stuff? Will talk about that later.

Numero uno is off course flowers. They always to the trick! Very few people are not immediately impressed with your effort.

Some guidelines for the host

  • Send the guests a welcome note a week before arrival
  • Make dead sure that your guests knows exactly where and how to get hold of the keys if you are not welcoming them yourself
  • Have the curtains drawn open and open up the windows for a fresh smell when guests arrive. A little bit of room spray will definitely help.
  • Have Coffee/tee/milk and sugar available for their first cup after arrival.
  • A file with information about shops/activities and things to do and see is an absolute must. It should be done carefully and in a way that it always looks fresh. Preferably in a few languages.
  • See to it that soap and hand cream are available, also fresh hand wash towels.
  • No need to tell you but the WC should be extremely clean and soft toilet paper is a must. I know you want to save money but not on this item.
  • Be clear in your house rules of what you expect from guests.

Hope you find this information helpful as I have had 12 years experience in the hospitality industry.
In my next blog I will touch the topic regarding etiquette for guests.
Happy hosting!