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How to buy a house in france

The house with the blue shutters


So many people have asked me if it difficult to buy a house in France: how should I know? is what pops up in my mind. I am however also intrigued by the French lifestyle and  decided to do some research.

Step 1

Find the right place. Where in France would you like to live or have your dream holiday house. The country is divided in regions, areas departements etc etc. Will it be Provence, Normandy, Loire Valley..your choice!

Step 2

Do research. What do you like about the area? Is it because you want to ski, be close to the beach, near a big city, love wine drinking areas or because you like the country life style. These questions will help you to narrow down and select a few areas.
Once you have decided on an area you could start doing research and it is so easy as you just google a few property sellers.

Step 3


Red tape (admin): this is the more tricky part. After finding your dream property you will have to start the negotiation process and hopefully the notaire will be able to speak french..don’t count on it. Usually the attorney of the seller is used. You will be provided with a diagnostic report. Before you sign read it very carefully.
Find a french friend who speaks English fluently otherwise you will fall into a deep hole of frustration or grap a bike and hit the road!

Next blog will share some info about the restoration process