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#Growing your small business

You have now decided that your small business idea can become a real business.

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A few tips that will help you be successful

  1. Unique selling point:
    What is going to make clients want to use your service/ products or whatever it is you plan to do? What will differentiate you from the opposition? Why your business?
    Let me help you: you have a guest cottage located in a town where there are hundred other accommodation sites available. Research! research! Magazines, internet and travel websites are a wonderful source of information. Check out the websites where reviews are available. Make a list of what people do not want. Then make a list of the things you liked very much. Then decide what your USP could be.
    Your unique selling point could be the high standard of your bedding and linen, the interior, your friendly and effective service or your specials. No matter what it is you have to have an unique selling point.
  2. Social media:
    Your advertisement should be eye catching, well written and true to what you are offering. You can’t fool people, social media is powerful and once you have a bad review it is difficult to change people’s opinions.
  3. Remember the client is always right. You can prove them wrong later on but at first listen carefully and address the problem with always pays off.
  4. After sales service. So important to follow up and with a kind note thanking people for their business.
  5. Networking. Have information available of other businesses that could benefit your client. If you have a guest cottage have enough information available of all the activities in the area. If you sell flowers,  have information such as, flower decoration courses, venues or packaging outlets at hand.