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Being serious #small business

Congratulations! You have chosen your business venture and hopefully completed your business plan as I strongly recommended.

Very Important!!

Do not panic..I take it that you also work from home as you cannot afford to rent property and your business can operate from your home. I will use my business as an example: a self-catering cottage.

Guest room

You want to earn an extra income like me. I have a beach cottage and a few spare rooms in my manor house on the farm which could earn me some money. Rule no 1 research: not only about the area and your potential competitors but also the do’s and dont’s of running a self catering cottage..again the internet is a good source to start with. A good idea is to research on the various tourist accommodation web pages to see what type of accommodation you yourself prefer and do read the comments and reviews. Make a list of things people like and do not like..very handy. Rule no 2 Take a good look at your establishment. Before you begin with the interior check how much money you budgeted for the interior and do not go shopping crazy and over spend.  Sometimes a new layer of paint is all you need for cleanliness counts much higher than the colour of the walls. Rule no 3 Decide on a theme. Guests love a beautifully decorated cottage/apartment/room. Keep it simple and again do research by browsing through accommodation websites. Rule n0 4 Choose your method of advertising very carefully. Read the T’s and C’s of the various sites such as very carefully. There are quite a few options and the sites are very helpful. Have professional photo’s taken as they sell your establishment. Find a young and upcoming photographer, they usually have cheaper rates. Rule no 5 Design an eye catching quote document. Your potential client want to see from start that you make a lot of effort. Rule no 6 State clearly what you offer and do not provide. For example compile a list of items that they will have ready for use: linen, towels, hair dryers etc. Also state what you do not provide. in my case I do not provide any household items merely because I live very far from my guest house.Rule no 7 House rules. These are very important!! Take the environment into account when compiling the list as you do not want to anger your neighbors. Think and rethink. From the dustbin and garbage removal to the noise factor. Put it on paper in the nicest way ever. Rule no 8 follow up. Make sure they are settled in comfortably. Then leave them to enjoy the stay. Do not make a nuisance of yourself. Rule no 9 Follow up. A questionaire will show you how to improve and remember the client should be treated with respect. Rule no 10 Information.  Provide useful information about the area and activities to do specially with kids.