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Small business start-up

tasting the first vintage

Starting up and keeping your small business is not easy. All businesses have the same rules. Don’t think just because you make chocolate fudge or write online your business is less worth than that of the super rich people. They also started small, some in their garages and some even while being a nomad, writing stories sitting on a bed.

My first business as an entrepreneur,was called Granny’s Linen. Beautiful bed linen with pin tucks, frills and lace. I did a lot of research after I came up with the idea. It was something I couldn’t find in stores and decided to make my own. As mentioned in a previous blog, I attended a short course on small business management and didn’t do a thing before I compiled my proper business plan.
Do’s and don’ts

  1. Stick to your plan.
  2. Don’t over spend on business cards etc. Try to find a happy medium.
  3. Find out what is your unique selling point
  4. Learn to quote.
  5. Follow up… after sales service is as important.
  6. Decide what to do with excess raw material
  7. If not comfortable with financial planning.. follow your goals on your financial plan. Use templates from the internet.
  8. Have a easy but effective administrative system.
  9. Follow up on debtors and if possible cash on delivery only.

    Granny’s Linen

My linen business didn’t last long. Why? Wasn’t driven enough and did it for the wrong reasons. Although it made enough money, I quit the business after a year. MISTAKE!! Solution? I should have adapted my business. It was way ahead of it’s time as it was then, early nineties, an ‘ on-line’ shop. I stopped as all the shops started stocking similar products.

I still, then, didn’t really settle with one business as I said I did it for the wrong reason’s. Did it because I was bored and only needed spending money.

My daughter after we made our first vintage

When my husband health took a wrong turn, after 20 odd years, I finally saw what it really takes to be an entrepreneur. The next blog will tell you more about that.