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How to become an Entrepreneur

I had to become an entrepreneur after marrying a farmer. Being a professional archivist only landed me charity research jobs. That wasn’t good enough as I quite like to have money because I like to visit France once a year. So what’s wrong with that? I asked myself a few years back. Won’t get the money from my husband…farmer’s are not as rich as they pretend to be!

Paris street cafe

So, I had to come up with a plan.  I started listing a few business ideas and what I could do to  make money (just enough to buy my own clothes and pay as much as I want, visit France every year, re-decorate my house once in a while and all the other girly things I want to do on a weekly basis.

But, remember I am not a hillbilly , I know stuff and I am street wise. I enrolled at the  http://US business school for a 6 weeks course on small businesses. Nowadays it is easy, just type “how to create a business plan” into any search engin et Voila, there you go.

I learned very quickly that most small businesses fail if it is not properly planned with a business plan that includes both a financial plan and a marketing strategy. Before you do anything, invest in only that: a business plan. After compiling your business plan and the outcome of the break-even figures you can start dreaming about your small business.

I AM SURE YOU HAVE, LIKE ME MANY OPTIONS!!… but don’t multitask. After compiling your list of possible ventures, draw up the business plan and only after you have established that the outcome is positive, sit down, start all over and this time do it properly and stick to the plan.

My list included:My own bed linnen range, a self-catering guesthouse, designer front doors, french inspired metal works, boutique wines and possibly my own clothing range.  Too much!!

A French Vanilla creation

In my next blog I will tell you more about my very own linen range called Granny’s linen, which was my very first small business