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#Front doors

#Front doors designed by French Vanilla

My business started with a request from a friend who was in the process of building a new house at a fancy polo estate. I was commissioned to search for doors for this new house but after endless efforts, i decided that it couldn’t be that difficult to make a front door. We have a joinery in town and with their help I could just pull it off.

I saw a picture of the above door in a cook book about French one thought I could pull this project off but I was determined and eventually the joiners bought into my idea and this was my first door!nokia-15-oktober-2010-023

Soon I started getting requests and now after 5 years I can proudly say that I have helped many clients to have a beautiful front door. I also combined steel with wood to have a security gate and front door combined. It looks great as there are many such doors in France I could copy.


Petro red door


An existing front door could also be revamped by just adding some trimmings and a new layer of paint. Perhaps a new handle and knocker and there you go… a new look!