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Interior decorating

2016-08-08 17.12.42La Vita Lente
The slow life you always wanted

I recently bought a small apartment at  the pretty town Dwarskersbos on the # flower route of the West Coast (SA). Wish I could translate the name but alas no! it is an indigenous name and just say bushbushbush for the lack of a better word.

2016-08-08 17.07.11

The place was a little run down and was never occupied since it was built several years ago. It is in the Fisherman cottage style and a few hundred meters from a perfect white sand beach.

I was not sure about the way I wanted to go with the renovatios. I needed a lock-up and go kind of place but something I could potentially rent out…to cover my initial cost. I had to do something different to my usual french inspired decor and didn’t want to do the beach cottage look again. The double volume thatched roof asked for something different # loft living  or perhaps industrial decor.

2016-08-08 17.14.01

We decided on cement floors as it is practical and goes with all the major decor trends. The apartment does not have the best lay-out ever and we had to knock down one wall to make it habitable. A mere 50 sqm but luckily it has a lock-up garage and two balconies. I used what I had as decor items and decided to keep it simple as it is a rental apartment and for that one doesn’t need clutter..

Here are some pictures