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My Paris anniversary

Samsung June 2015 280Twenty years ago, May 1996, I went to paris for the first time and just fell in love with this enchanting city of love

We were on our way to attend a french wedding in the Loire Valley and decided to spend a few days in Paris. I did my homework so well that it felt like a deja vu experience. Everything felt so “right”, exept for the fact that I was 180 degrees wrong. Till this day my body tells me the right bank is on this side and the map and my husband tells me it is on the otherside

Montmartre just stole my heart .. I had to have my first french coffee there and 20 years later Montmarte was the place where I sat down for my morning coffee once again.


View from my balcony room at l’Hotel 29 Rue L’Epic


Since 1996 and the epic frence wedding I have been to Paris and France numerous times. With my family and friends and also alone. I was there in summer, spring and autumn but my favourite remains Paris in winter! As for 2016, I am about to visit Paris for the 10th time. With two friends, I am  spending a glorious week in Paris, just doing whatever we find to do.

Planning the trip

Although I have been there, done that sort of thing, Paris remains full of surprises. Pinterest helped me discover many things that I could still revisit and loads of new things to do. I even learned that one can learn a new language in a week. Would’nt try that though… With all the info on the web I discovered a few things that are free
* a fashion show at the beautiful Galleries Lafayette and au Printemps
* Certain nights are “open museum” nights and apparently champagne is served!
* The Musee Fragonard, the perfume museum as well as a few others are also free.
*Pere lachaise cemetary  is worth a visit to see very lovely architecture

Just for fum, my own garden

My own garden

Very cheap things to do:
Bus no 69 give s 2 hour scenic ride for only 2 E

The Thinker Rodin Museum

garden of the Rodin Museum

garden of the Rodin Museum