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My pretty Garden

Ten years ago, when we renovated the very old farm house , there were only two Blue Gum trees , limited water supply and loads of energy and ideas. I wanted to create a garden that reminded of the french country side. My friend calls my effort  “Provence in Australia”. I made hundreds of cuttings of Spekboom and Soutbos for hedges to create the French look.This is how it all started…


To plan and design a garden is not easy. My dad was a keen gardener but he died when I was very young . I paged through a lot of garden books and magazines before I could come up with a plan. My son Mihan, sketched all my ideas and I took the giant leap to start a garden on a piece of barren earth about one hectare in size.

With very little water available it was a challenge… Samsung Sept 2014 144 (360x640)

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