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handmade @Spekulasie

The frontdoors and security gates can be custom made and ordered ! Just contact me for ideas on how to revamp your doors and gates.

On our farm birdcages are not used for birds… the birdies are ‘as free as birds’.  We rather use them as decorations to capture that french feling!

Here are a few of my birdcages fait à la main on the farm and for sale

Prices on request

All the pretty things…

Creating beautiful things is so rewarding ! All around us are some many things just waiting to be made into a little something that gives a place the ‘french’ feeling….

Now even your old security gate can be transformed into a french creation.



Creating my own Provence

Loving everything about France but living in South Africa is quite tricky….

Then I decided to create my own Petite Provence right here where I live.

You are invited to be part of this journey as I will post my creations and ideas on a regular basis. I visit France very often and walk many narrow winding roads leading to the antique markets to find inspiration. I  buy small items at these markets which will be for sale on my blog.

Then I though why not start with the obvious:

… the front door ! It is amazing how beautiful the front doors of most of the french house are.

Here are a few of my creations: